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19.Becca Mann(non-registered)
OMG the photos are wonderful! Thank you so much!!
18.Lori DiPelino(non-registered)
Charlene you are the most talented photographer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and calling my friend. What you and Marina create together is amazing!!!
17.Eileen Graham ( Dr. Newton's office)(non-registered)
Had a chance to check out your pictures. They are fantastic! I would love to see Monet's bridge.
16.Joanne S(non-registered)
Charlene, thank you for sharing your amazing gift of capturing the moments with us! The shots are simply amazing...... I especially enjoyed the candid shots and how you spontaneously captured so much of what was going on......

How lucky we were to have your creative eyes with us
Thank you again.....
15.Jeananne Gilchris(non-registered)
Amazing pics Charlene! Emily loved the character skirt shot! Best of luck in your new passion - I have no doubt it will be a success.
Your photographs are simply amazing!
13.Karen Wilson(non-registered)
I'm so excited that you're doing this, Charlene! Your logo is so awesome...love it!
12.Patty Rabethge Malina(non-registered)
I am sooo impressed Charlene! Your photos are art - absolutely wonderful! Put up on facebook for all of us to like and spread around! :)
Love your work, Charlene. Simply stunning!
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